Bridges 2014

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Travel Diary

Follow our preparations: Check out the Bridges event blog at to sneak a peek behind the scenes of our project!

Video Recordings

The MCMP regularly records lectures and talks and makes them publicly available on iTunes U (find our media archive on the MCMP website). All Bridges talks have been recorded by the MCMP media team, as well. If you want to bookmark or share all Bridges videos from one place, you will find the whole collection through LMUcast Search here. Access the single recordings online here (in chronological order):


Find all the official pictures from the evening event online in the GCRI event gallery.

Idea and Motivation

Before inviting anyone to a workshop in New York we captured our motivation for Bridges in a video clip. It comes with English captions (click on "CC") and options for sharing. Feel free to post, like, and tweet!

Media Support

vh_imgVirtuelle Hochschule LMU supports the MCMP and its position in the global network of mathematical philosophy in a unique way: Current research at the Center is made visible across national and disciplinary boundaries through the publication of talks and conferences as online videos, recorded with professional equipment and freely accessible to students, the scientific community, and the interested public.